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Our customers are our partners! Clinepoint's mission is to develop, manufacture and sell rugged, flexible solutions using sustainably profitable methods and resourses. We provide powerful solutions having great value to our partners. Providing our partners with powerful solutions supports their competitive edge, and with it, ours.

Clinepoint's Quality Policy is simple: to continually refine our understanding of the needs of our partners, aligning each stage of development, inception, design, validation and delivery through support and, finally, the sunset & and responsible disposal, to meet those needs.

At this time Clinepoint offers the Simi Buffer; a phantom-bias powered microphone preamplifier disguised as an adapter cable!

The Clinepoint Simi Buffer offers a simple solution to using a dynamic microphone with a mobile, tablet, laptop, notebook, VOIP phone, PC, MP3 recorder or other device with an electret input having a phantom-bias.



Beyond Utility, Beyond Expectations—Clinepoint.