My favorite formulas

One of the best formulas I have found for Ilford FP4 Plus or Agfa APX 100.

Here's my version of the split stock formula.

Solution 'A'
Hot Water (125 Deg.F.) - 500cc
Metol - 3g
Sodium sulfite, monohydrate - 12g
Sodium metabisulfite - 3g
Water to make - 1000cc

Solution 'B'
Hot Water (125 Deg.F.) - 500cc
Sodium carbonate, monohydrate - 22g
Potassium bromide - 1g
Water to make - 1000cc

Mix solutions 50/50 to use.
Try about 6 min at 68 deg F. This is a one shot developer.

Since this formula utilizes Sodium carbonate use a 15 second water rinse instead of an acid stop to insure against bubbles.
An acid stop may cause the carbonate to release CO2 bubbles within the emulsion.

Burton 195
For Kodak Technical Pan this is the best developer I've come up with. Expose as ISO 25 and develop 6 minutes at
68 deg F. I get a gamma of about 0.8 with great shadow detail. If you use this formula
let me know how it works out for you.

Hot Water (125 Deg.F.) - 750cc
Metol - 1g
Sodium sulfite, monohydrate - 10g
Sodium tetraborate(borax) - 2g
Boric acid - 1g
Water to make(distiled) - 1000cc

This is a one shot developer. Use plenty of agitation (see note below).

A gentleman in Italy had some trouble with uneven development around the sprocket holes on 35mm Tech-Pan.
His solution was 10 seconds of strong agitation at one minute intervals.

Stephen G. Anchell suggests diluting 1:1 for 9 to 10 minutes in
his book: The Darkroom Cookbook. Second Edition. Copyright 2000 by Butterworth-Heinemann.
ISBN: 0-240-80423-6

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